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Palgate Gate controller
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Palgate garge door with ease
Palgate webportal
Palgate opens boomgate
Palgate fully secure app
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The best gates and doors automation product in the world 

Palgate Australia, the leading provider of advanced gates and doors automation products in Australia and New Zealand.

With a strong focus on security, Palgate devices employs a cutting-edge 128-bit military encryption communication system, ensuring the utmost protection for your data and control commands. Join our thriving community of over five million satisfied users and experience the unparalleled convenience and efficiency of our solutions.


Palgate Australia offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products that are both cost-effective and reliable.

Our comprehensive control system enables remote management and control of various devices such as gates, doors, lights, pumps, and other switchable devices. Leveraging advanced technologies, including GSM 4G cellular networks, Bluetooth, and long-range RFID wireless control, our solutions provide secure and seamless access and gate control.


By choosing Palgate, you can enjoy the safest and easiest way to control your gates, electric doors, electric taps, and venue lighting. Our online portal allows you to check reception, voltage levels, manage users effectively, and assess the efficiency of your devices. You will also receive real-time information on the status of all gate positions, enabling you to monitor open and close operations effortlessly. With the ability to create different rules for different users and import or export user data via Excel lists, managing access and scheduling operations has never been simpler with Palgate.


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Palgate Android auto.png
Google Home Logo1.jpg
Google assitance works with Palgate
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Control your gate with Siri
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Plagate RFID logo.png
Palgate on Android and google play webp
Palgate Spider - Available now
Arriving at the end of August 2023 Palgate Spider
Controller with GSM and Bluetooth connectivity combined 
New Palgate LPR
Arriving at the Q4 2023 Licence Plate Recognition Camera - All you need is 12VDC power + SIM card and you are up and running - no infrastructure requiered 
Available Palgate Products
Palgate SG314GI-WR

3/4G Controller with Remote control support + Wiegand 26 interface + Input 
Connect Keypad or Reader and use your current Prox Cards to control your gate 


Small site? here is a solution
3/4G Controller with 50 App Users

NO Remote Control Ability 
Users  count can not be increased

Palgate BT10 bluetooth gate controller

BT-10 Bluetooth
automated Remote Secure Remote System

Palgate SG314gi-WR.png

3G/4G Remote  Access Control
 Secure gate/door open system

SG315A433 - Palgate Smart Remote Control

Smart Remote Control
Poly4 128 bits encrypted Cannot be duplicated


Free Phone App
To manage your gate 

Palgate portal.webp

Cloud Based Web portal 
Control all your gates from one location

Palgate GSM transmit.gif
Palgate controling a BOOM-GATE.gif
Pal wireless vehicle destector wireless ground loop 3.jpg
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