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Most gate motors and other power sources are suffering from 1 major issue... reliable power source... The issue or fluctuating power can cause boards and relays to "burn" or stop working temporarily 

Solution is small and cheap... 


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ASD24S1202 AC/DC Converter 24V to 12V 2A Gate/intercom power Converter Conditioner

 By Palgate australia

DC voltage converter modules that can step-down voltages so you can power your devices

You Put AC or DC and you get clean 12V DC at 2.0 A

 Unit is Waterproof IP66

Useful where a different power source is present and/or AUX power is not “Clean” or fluctuating.


Model: PALGATE-ASD24S1202

Product Name: 24 ac to 12 dc converter

Input rated voltage: 24 V AC

Input voltage range: 15-28VAC / 15-40VDC

Conversion Efficiency: 95% (half load) ; 94% (full load)

Output voltage: 12 V DC

Output current: 2 Amps

Output rated power: 24 Watts

Voltage regulation: < 1%

Load regulation: < 2%

Ripple (full load test): < 150mV

No-load current: < 20mA

Working Temperature: -40°c ~ +80°c

Waterproof rating: IP 68

Protections Reverse connection, Over-current, Over-temperature, Output short circuit

Machine size: 46*32*18mm

N. Weight: 45g

Cooling wayFree air convection

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Other: Standard static bag packing

Perfect for Gates, Electric Locks, Intercoms, CCTV power units, automated door controller, strikes,

DC to DC Step Down Voltage

- Input voltage: 15-40 DC
- Output voltage: 12 VDC
- Current: 2.0A

AC to DC Step Down Voltage

- Input voltage: 15-28 VDC
- Output voltage: 12 VDC
- Current: 2.0A