Palgate Unique Step Down Voltage and conditioner- AC to DC

Most gate motors and other power sources are suffering from 1 major issue... reliable power source... The issue or fluctuating power can cause boards and relays to "burn" or stop working temporarily 

Solution is small and cheap... 
You can input up to 40V AC and get 12V DC output


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The specs for this product:

AC/DC Converter 24V to 12V 2A Gate/intercom power Converter Conditioner

 By Palgate australia

DC voltage converter modules that can step-down voltages so you can power your devices

You Put AC or DC and you get clean 12V DC at 2.0 A

 Unit is Waterproof IP66

Useful where a different power source is present and/or AUX power is not “Clean” or fluctuating.


Model: PALGATE-ASD24S1202

Product Name: 24 ac to 12 dc converter

Input rated voltage: 24 V AC

Input voltage range: 15-28VAC / 15-40VDC

Conversion Efficiency: 95% (half load) ; 94% (full load)

Output voltage: 12 V DC

Output current: 2 Amps

Output rated power: 24 Watts

Voltage regulation: < 1%

Load regulation: < 2%

Ripple (full load test): < 150mV

No-load current: < 20mA

Working Temperature: -40°c ~ +80°c

Waterproof rating: IP 68

Protections Reverse connection, Over-current, Over-temperature, Output short circuit

Machine size: 46*32*18mm

N. Weight: 45g

Cooling wayFree air convection

Certifications: CE, RoHS

Other: Standard static bag packing

Perfect for Gates, Electric Locks, Intercoms, CCTV power units, automated door controller, strikes,

DC to DC Step Down Voltage

- Input voltage: 15-40 DC
- Output voltage: 12 VDC
- Current: 2.0A

AC to DC Step Down Voltage

- Input voltage: 15-28 VDC
- Output voltage: 12 VDC
- Current: 2.0A