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State of the Art Web Interface Portal to control all your Gates and Devices from one location

Palgate-Web interface.jpg

  • easily control your units from anywhere in the world via web interface. 

  • ​add/delete users, smart remote controls, and devices 

  • settings changes, timers, reports, logs, and audit logs 

  • all the information you care about is kept in a secure cloud at the highest level and much more... 

  • ​virtual maps to see the installation place using Google Maps

  • when you log into the Palgate Portal a new world of control opens...

  • the database allows you to search your customer by:

  • serial number, Location, or suburb, or by a username or phone number

  • real time indications to Email, SMS, API *

  • unlimited logs* and Timers/ Time Groups/ Caledars 

  • real time push notifications to Palgate App or emails

  • newly designed 365 days calendar includes holidays

  • newly designed Astronomical clock – follow sunset and sunrise for lighting

  • create your own holiday to suspend close/open time 

  • SIM card managment – Automatic payments and renewals

  • new Control Room for Emergency Web Service page to Open Close or Latch multiple gates at the same time via one page on portal

  • import/Export Logs and users via Excel files 

  • ​allows gate Manufacturers, Installers or end users with multiple gates access the ability to control many scenarios: 

  • measure reception on SIM Cards

  • measure noise on SIM reception (BER)

  • gate position (Open, Close) * (require a unit with Input and a reed switch)

  • add multiple users from Excel Spreadsheet (import and export up to 12,000 users)

  • duplicate one gate to another with one click of a button

  • create Places "neighbourhood" like groups of devices where you change all devices at once 

  • create locations and limit customers to what they can perform in each location

  • open and close gates at a specific time and close it on another 

  • define Different group scenario/permissions/allowance 

  • decide when a gate cannot be accessed at all

  • allocate up to 4000 Remote control to specific users or delete the remote or allocate it to someone else 

  • when you have multiple remote controls, you can check the battery life on each remote control

  • in the future you will be able to send notifications to each user to alert him regarding changes 

  • and lots more 

          Portal is a payable service charge annually 

​​          Using the interface may requires an annual subscription fee... contact us for more information 

How to order a Portal

Please note that Palaget portal is a anuually payable serviee.

Ask your installer for price

Dealers need to send a Purchase Order with mentioning cost and End User EMAIL 

Register a new portal here 

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