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Palgate free phone app
Palgate Free App
Powerful yet simple to use free app....
When you are using the Palgate App you will be able to:
  • Install the device
  • Open and close Gate and doors
  • Latch device your gates and doors in one convenient place (GSM/LTE devices only)
  • Latch a gate to stay open or close when you need to (GSM/LTE devices only)
  • You will able to add and remove users
  • Change User statues from Normal to Admin
  • See a list of logs of who used the gate and when  and much more (Logs)
  • Find on the App on Google Play and Apple App store
  • Please download when your gate administrator added you to the gate
Scan the bellow QR code to be transferred to IOS and Android App stores
otherwise just search for Palgate on your relevant store 
Scan to get IOS App
Scan to get Android App  
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