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Australian Calendar is now available to use

Palgate GSM/LTE device is 4G (SG304xx-) can be used to create calendar that will control the timers during public holidays,

Your device firmware version must be Version 2.37 or higher and your portal software minimum version 1.0.484 and higher.

How to ensure you are using the latest portal? Log out of your Portal and clear the cache on your browser, log back to the Palgate portal and press Control F5 a few times on your keyboard to force the browser to take the new information from the Web and not from cache on your computer memory.

On the devices> go to > Settings > timer events and press edit button on the right.

Setup your own Timers.

Bellow the timers section you will find is a yellow button "named add new calendar",

Click, and choose your country. Use and existing calendar or Setup a new calendar.

To setup a personal calendar – please go to Left hand menu> Settings> on middle page go to Calendar > and use the green button on the bottom to create a new calendar and save it. You can now pickup this from your device settings

palgate Calendar and timer event.PNG
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