State of the Art commercial Bluetooth Gate Control Access
Extensive Controls 
Extremely Secure 
Palgate BT-10 Bluetooth Access Control
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  • Control and open and Close gates and doors easily 10-20 meters from the gate - Additional External Antenna can add more distance to the Palgate range (to be purchased separately

  •  No remote controls required  

  •  ​Control with "PalGate" free App or Web interface 

  •  ​"PalGate" uses a Bluetooth Smart 128-bit connection which is extremely complicated to detect.

  • Comes in 3 "Flavours" to suite any user

o    Lite - 20 Users

o    Pro -100 users

o    Ultimate - Unlimited Users 

  • Customer can Upgrade from a lower user count to a higher any time 

  • Add/delete users from the application/web interface 

  • ​Several gates/doors can be controlled by the application and multiple phones can be connected to the device.

  • Operating power 12-24 DC

  • From the App you can add and remove users, promote, or demote from normal user to Admin.

  • Change unit from N/O to N/C 

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