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Please read these instructions carefully. Enter below the detail of the person or company who requests Access to Palgate web Portal.
Palgate web portal access is a payable service. Please ask your Distributor/re-seller for a price.
Portal usage is payable annually.  You will get a request for payment 14 days before the anniversary date.

Setting you as user on the Portal may take a few hours during business hours and longer during weekends and public holidays.

After payment you will receive an invitation email asking you to set up a new portal account. After you receive an invitation e-mail from us with request to start your new account.
Please ensure you use the correct E-mail address and your phone number on the Account setup MUST start with your country code. (Palgate suggests using a generic email address such as info@, sales@, admin@, to eliminate change of address when specific users leave the organisation)

When registering for a new Portal Account, please choose and email carefully - changing an email address will force starting a new registration.

Please respond to the e-mail invitation immediately -the e-mail invitation request sent to you will expire in 24 hours.   
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