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How to install a wiegand Keypad

Palgate Australia supply their resellers 2 different style Wiegand keypads.

they are called XK1 and XK2. 

See bellow how to install them

If you are choosing any other brand or model of Wiegand device, please ensure you are using Wiegand 26 and higher

installation to any other Wiegand device will be similar

Pic 1.png
Pic 2.png
Pic 4.png

Let’s Start here….
Ensure your connections are as per this diagram and power is correct Voltage and amperage 

*123456# (Enter Program)

73# (Wiegand Reader Mode)

* (Exit)

Pic 3.png
Pic 6.png

*123456# (Enter Program)

810# (Wiegand Format)

* (Exit)

Pic 8.png

*123456# (Enter Program)

0- _ _ _ _ _ _ - # - _ _ _ _ _ _ - # (New 6 Digit Code)

* (Exit)

Now you are done and you can start controlling the XK1 or XK2 from your Palgate Portal 

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