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Palgate Poly Smart Remote control
Can not be duplicated !!!

​SG315A433B Smart Remote control

  • From Portal - add/remove remote controls and view battery voltage 

  • ​Access permission by hours/days/dates

  • ​Each remote control can be associated to more than one system

  • ​Unique digital ID (serial number) and encryption key to each remote control

  • ​Working range up to 100 meters

  • ​Option to choose which button will work, in case of 2 gates in the same range

  •  Option to activate a series of remote controls in a few seconds using one Excel file

  • ​Led light indicator

  • ​Easy battery change

  • ​Compatible with all WR-series models

  • One remote can activate thousands of devices

  • Available in white as well (PTO)

  • Your logo can be printed on white or black remotes - MOQ is applicable 

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