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so... what is Palgate














Everything in one app

The user-friendly app of Paligate allows you to manage and control all your gates and doors from the same application. Join over 3 million satisfied users!


Easy and quick installation - Our smart controllers are installed using the Plug & Play method, ensuring a simple and fast installation by an authorized installer.


IoT - Our smart controllers connect to any electric gate/door, lighting control, or any other place that requires remote control and advanced management, saving valuable time for users. Internet-based management interface - Enables smart management of all controllers, users, scheduled events, annual calendar, installation status, time groups, and many other features that facilitate our user chain - distributor-installer-user.


Installation - Plug & play devices which ensure a fast & clean installation.

Web portal – Time events, yearly calendar, installation status, time groups and many additional features makes it easy to all our chain of users: distributor-installer-end users to mange and control their device.


Security and Access Control does not need to be complicated


State of the Art Web Interface and devices to control all your Gates and Doors

holistic way to look at Gates Door and anything switchable 

Palgate devices are highly secure multi facade Access Control devices which can be controlled via App or Cloud Application via Web interface 

It is a simple and easy to use - It works by combining a state-of-the-art cloud base Web Interface with a secure, free and easy to use Mobile device App which allows our customers to control:

  •  Electric gates, Boom gates, Garage doors

  • Lobby /foyer entrances and electric bollards

  • Full car parking lots  

  • Remote Control Light Switching in Venues 

  • Warehouse Screens and rollers doors 

  • Awnings and Electric Blinds

                                    Basically, If it’s got electric latch, motor or relay - we can work with it

We can help you eliminate expensive Remote controls and figure out who is gaining access to your property

Open and close your gates your garage door/gate/barrier from your Mobile Phone regardless of where you are around the world quickly and easily!

Download the Palgate application to take full advantage of our Palgate device:

  • Full gate controlF

  • Access management

  • Add/remove users in seconds

  • Get a gate history- who went in went out what date and time  

  • Latching of gate open or close and timers

  • Optional Encrypted remotes This application works with Palgate device which can be purchased with either one/two relays and input option.

  •  Turn your gate into a smart gate using Palgate device

​​How can I open my Door or Gate? 

1.       Click the "virtual" button on the App and the Gate Door Latch lights or water pump will start or open.

2.      With GSM Device you can Dial the gate or Ask Siri, or Google to dial the gate for you

3.      You can use a Palgate remote control to open the gate 

4.      When a Wiegand device is purchased and Install - you can connect a Wiegand Reader or a Keypad to open the 

                gate and control this device from the Palgate Portal 

5.      Use Stickers or Cards on car dashboard to open the gate automatically when you approach the  gate 

Why Pal Gate is so Unique?

When you log into the Web interface a new world of control opens...

​You can view all your gates on google map or as a list...

The database allows you to search by:

Customer, Device Serial number, Remote/Label/Tag Serial Number, Location or suburb, username or phone number

It allows gate Manufacturers, Installers or end users with multiple gates access the ability to control many scenarios: 

Most products supoort:

  • Siri

  • Apple watch

  • Apple Car Play 

  • Android Auto

  • Google home 

  • Google Assit 

 Devices feature:

  • Real time Reception on SIM Cards

  • Real time Gate position (Open, Close) **

  • Add/Copy/Manipulate multiple users and permissions from Excel Spreadsheet (import and Export up to 12,000 users)

  • Duplicate and a new Device/Gates by a click of a button

  • Create Locations and limit customers to what they can perform in each location

  • Add Timer Events and Timer Groups to automatically Open and close gates at a specific time and close it on another 

  • Define Different group scenario/permissions/allowance 

  • Unlimited logs* and Timers / events 

  • Real time Push Notifications Palgate App and/or emails

  • 365 days calendar includes holidays

  • Astronomical clock – follow sunset and sunrise for lighting control  

  • Create your own holiday close/open time 

  • SIM card control system – Automatic payments and renewals

  • New Control room to control multiple gates via one page on portal

  • Decide when a gate cannot be accessed at all

  • Allocate up to 4000 Remote control to specific device add or delete users remotes or allocate it to someone else 

  • When you have multiple remote controls, you can check the battery health on each remote control

  • Work what is the reception on the devices which use 3/4G cards 

  • Check to Voltage on the auxiliary output or the AC/DC Adaptor via Hourly Graph 

  • In the future you will be able to send notifications to each user to alert him regarding changes 

             and lots more 

** require a unit with Input (see options under products)

Warning! Using palgate can be addictive. 

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