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Palgate's new LPR
e Licence Plate Recognition Camera

It can read vehicle number plates and open gates automaticaly

Palgate LPR

Palgate new LPR ​Licence recognition Camera

 All-in-one system - All you need is 12VDC power or POE

No infrastructure required 

with built in AI learning to continuedly to stay accurate

New product - ETA January 2024

Easy installation without infrastructure 

4G/Wireless/RJ45 connections 

4K quality with night vision


12VDC or POE

Palgate app compatible 

Web Portal management 


  • All-in-one LPR system

  • AI built into the camera - can self learn to be more accurate 

  • Easy and fast installation without infrastructure - All you need is 12V power or POE

  • ​Real time parking lot management

  • Instantly access all of your data with easy-to-use interface

  • Vehicle number plate image logs

  • ​Management of a parking lot inside a parking lot

  • ​Saves all data and plate images for over 7 years

  • ​Generate reports / statistics

  • ​Limited / separate permissions for each vehicle / user

  • ​Guest invitation with Palgate App for Android/iOS

  • ​View time to stay in the car park

  • ​Possibility to integrate with systems for opening via cellular / smartphone application

  • ​Instant and automatic software updates

  • ​All data is fully secure with encrypted connection 

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