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Palgate Telstra Data SIM Cards

We will sort your data requirements reliably and cheaply

Palgate will be supplying 3/4G Telstra Nano SIM card with each GSM device sold ON REQUEST.

When requested, our Palgate GSM device will have a Telstra SIM card inserted and ready for registration. 

Please follow the instructions on the card to register for 12 Months via the website.

Administrators of the device will receive a notification well in advance before renewal 

We chose Telstra as a carrier to ensure our customers will have the largest and the most reliable coverage.

Our prices compare with most services in Australia and capped at 30MB per device per month

Please note: that the allowance of 30MB per month will be ample for the usage of very busy gates.

Please note: SIMs are charged annually, and they are compatible priced with most IOT SIMs in Australia

Administrators will receive a notification 30 days before the SIM is due for renewal 

The SIM Cards we provide will NOT work on devices which are not from the Palgate range 
If you want to order SIM cards for your palgate usage please contact us here 
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