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Palgate VPS Intercom

ETA August 2024

Palgate VPS (Video Intercom Panel System) black or White

The ultimate GSM enabled Video Intercom

No need for internal monitors or handsets

Residents will use their mobile phones and tablets 
Save cost of cabling or re-cabling issues 

Crisp sound and Excellent video 


  • Anti vandal 7" touch Display

  • Easy installation without infrastructure

  • Web Portal Cloud Management

  • Video calls

  • User management - upload multiple users via Excel 

  • Wide angle camera High resolution with night vision

  • Hidden powerful speaker

  • From 5 to Unlimited users via subscription (once off payment)

  • Panel will self-power a latch (12VDC)

  • Wiegand connection for additional devices

  • 2 x gate/door control + input to reed switch 

  • N/O and N/C connection

  • Product support charges will include Palgate Telstra SIM card 


Support multiple Access control methods:

  • Palgate App - release of 2 gates/doors

  • Palgate App - latching of 2 gates/doors

  • NFC  

  • RFID Tags

  • Keypad internal + additional via Weigand 

  • Bluetooth

  • Palgate Smart Remote Controls

  • Elegant design


Palgate VPS will include connectivity via:

  • Wi-Fi

  • GSM

  • Lan Port, POE, RJ45


Power the unit via:

  • Via POE or Power Adaptor (not supplied)

Additional Cost: 

  • Compulsory Annual subscription code PAL-VPS-ANNUAL

  • Additional Users (block of 5 users) - Once off payment 

Pal VPS Icons.mv2.gif
Pal VPS Users.mv2.gif
Pal VPS App.mv2.gif
Pal VPS WiFi Icon.gif
Palgate Video icon~mv2.gif
Palgate VPS Video intercom installed.webp
Pal-VPS- White.webp
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