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News Room 

  • FH Distribution successfully become Pal- ES's distributor in ASIA Pacific.  December 2017 

  • Palgate just added a new secure gate control device device with full 4G capability - 1/4/2018

  • FH Distribution successfully presented Pal Gate products in ASIAL 2018.    25-27 July 2018 

  • PalGate APP is now integrated to Car Play and works on your multimedia Dashboard.    30 July 2018 

  • A newer version of RFiD (ver 3) was released by Pal-ES.    20 July 2018 

  • Our website has a download page with all installation manual available to download 

  • Long Range RFID is now installed at many schools in Victoria and seems to be the "hot product" for 2019

  • Palgate 4G products are announced and will be ready on December 2019

  • Administrators! You can now latch your gates and keep open or close (disable the App) and stop anyone else from entering or exiting the gate 

  • WIegand Device is now available in 3G

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